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Neostrata skincare is developed by dermatologists to address your specialised skin concerns. Based on scientific research, the brand’s range of medical-grade products are formulated at the pH level your skin absorbs most effectively. It gently exfoliates the surface of your skin to reveal fresh layers, targeting the building blocks of your skin’s matrix for long-term results.

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Neostrata Resurface

Neostrata’s Resurface range harnesses the power of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) to smooth and refine the skin’s surface. From moisturisers and lotions to foaming glycolic cleansers, these products exfoliate the surface skin cells to reveal healthy and vital skin layers beneath. This helps smooth your skin’s texture while minimising the appearance of fine lines and visible pores.

The Resurface range includes Neostrata Resurface Lotion Plus, a potent lotion formulated with glycolic acid to promote skin rejuvenation, and Neostrata Resurface Foaming Glycolic Wash: a high-strength AHA cleanser that clears congested pores.

Neostrata Skin Active

Neostrata Skin Active features premium, high-performing ingredients that addresses multiple concerns associated with ageing, such as wrinkles, expression lines and sagging skin. Each product is designed to produce noticeable results that build over time.

The Skin Active range includes Neostrata Active Intensive Eye Therapy, which reduces eyelid sagging and crow’s feet, and Neostrata Cellular Restoration: an anti-ageing face cream for targeting the skin’s hydrating matrix to create a more vibrant glow.

Neostrata Restore

Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, Restore is a specialised collection of products formulated with PHAs or Polyhydroxy Acids. PHAs are gentle yet effective: they exfoliate the surface layer, protect the skin’s moisture barrier and augment the skin’s antioxidant properties. Neostrata Restore’s range of face serums, moisturisers and cleansers is ideal for all skin types, but especially sensitive or reactive skin.

The Restore range includes Neostrata Restore Bionic Face Serum, which corrects the visible signs of ageing while improving skin radiance and overall clarity. Neostrata Restore Facial Cleanser is a gentle gel wash formulated with 4 percent PHA. Fragrance-free and soap-free, it removes makeup and impurities without irritating the skin.