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The Hello Cup

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No Nasties
Made from top notch materials (aka medical grade thermoplastic elastomer). Contains no BPAs, heavy metals, rubber, latex. Colours used are certified food grade and have the tick to comply with EU and FDA standards. 

Lasts for years, not a couple of hours
Finally you can avoid the tampon and pad isle in the supermarket. One Hello Cup will last you at least five years.

Mother Nature will love you
Did you know that around 45 billion single-use period products end up in landfills and waterways around the globe each year?

Just like a slipper for your vagina, the hello cup has been designed to be smooth and comfortable. As an added bonus, they won’t dry you out either, like those nasty white things with strings.

Dance like a disco queen
Forget soggy tampons ruining your athletic prowess, Hello Cups will stand up to vigorous movement, swimming and for those who prefer to make like a sloth and sleep, they are great for that too.