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Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

Everyday Rewards Affiliate Program Partnership

Members may elect to automatically convert Member Points earned in the Superpharmacy Rewards Program to Everyday Rewards Points. The terms and conditions that regulate the conversion of Member Points to Everyday Rewards Points is detailed as follows.

Everyday Rewards is an Affiliated Program Partner, owned and operated by Woolworths Limited. You must be an Everyday Rewards Member to earn and redeem Everyday Rewards Points. Member Points can only be allocated to an active Everyday Rewards Account.

Everyday Rewards membership is governed by the Everyday Rewards Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions cover Everyday Rewards Points transferred from Member Benefits, including the receipt and redemption of Everyday Rewards Points.  The Everyday Rewards Terms and Conditions for earning Everyday Rewards Points, redeeming points, changes to the Everyday Rewards, cancellation of Everyday Rewards membership and/or Everyday Rewards Points, expiry of Everyday Rewards Points, and privacy related matters, and conditions for earning Everyday Rewards Points from other Everyday Rewards program partners. For the Everyday Rewards Terms and Conditions please go to https://www.woolworthsrewards.com.au/terms.html

The Everyday Rewards program is an Affiliated Program Partner and operates independently of The Superpharmacy Rewards Program. A transferred Member benefit is exclusively controlled by the Affiliate Program Partner. The transfer of Member Points to Everyday Rewards and subsequent redemption of Everyday Rewards Points and Everyday Rewards membership is solely and exclusively controlled by the Everyday Rewards Program.


To transfer your Member Points to Everyday Rewards Points, you must:

(a).   be an active Member of The Superpharmacy Rewards Program;

(b).   be an active Member of Everyday Rewards, and

(c).   make an Election to automatically transfer Points through a Linked Account process.

If you are not an Everyday Rewards member, you can join free online at https://www.woolworthsrewards.com.au/register_multi.html

You can only link one Everyday Rewards Account to your Member Account. We are not liable to you for any loss, including any change in redeemable value once transferred to Everyday Rewards Points

You can make an Election to transfer Member Points by:

(a).   linking your Member account to an existing Everyday Rewards account online at www.superpharmacy.com.au;

(a).   you will continue to earn Member Benefits subject to The Superpharmacy Rewards Program; and

(b).   Member Points earned in a Linked Member Account, are authorised by the Member for automatic transfer to the Linked Everyday Rewards account.

A Member may elect at any time to Opt Out of an Affiliate Program Partnership, the Member can action this by removing the Everyday Reward number from their Account profile in their Member Account. Once the Affiliate Program Partner is De-Linked Member Points are accrued in accordance with The Superpharmacy Rewards Program.


Transfer from Member Points to Everyday Rewards Points will automatically occur upon creating a Linked Account. All accrued Points in a Member Account at the time of establishing a Linked Account with the Everyday Rewards Affiliated Program Partner will transfer to the Everyday Rewards account. All subsequent Member Points accrued in accordance with The Superpharmacy Rewards Program will automatically transfer to the linked Everyday Rewards account for Linked accounts.

Subject to an Everyday Rewards Account remaining linked, Member Rewards Points will be converted to Everyday Rewards Points at the Conversion Rate of ONE Member Point to ONE Everyday Rewards Point. The Conversion Rate may change from time to time as per the current Affiliate Program Partnership.

Subject to the Everyday Rewards Terms and Conditions, Everyday Rewards Points will ordinarily be received into the linked Everyday Rewards Account within 7 business days. Member Rewards transferred to Everyday Rewards Points cannot be reconverted or reclassified back to Member Rewards Points.


All conditions and warranties, whether express or implied and whether arising under statute or otherwise, as to condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of the goods or services supplied under The Superpharmacy Rewards Program are expressly excluded to the full extent permitted by law. Any liability Superpharmacy may have to you in respect of such goods or services which cannot be excluded is limited, where permitted, to supplying, or paying the cost of supplying, the goods or services provided.


Our Privacy Policy sets out our policies for the management of personal information including how we collect personal information, the purposes for which we use this information, and to whom this information is disclosed. We may, at our sole discretion, change the Privacy Policy from time to time. The latest version of our Privacy Policy is available on our website  https://www.superpharmacy.com.au/privacy

Use of The Superpharmacy Rewards Program, the products and services purchased from Superpharmacy including medicines, dispensary items and other health information means we collect your personal and sensitive health information to administer and operate The Superpharmacy Rewards Program. By becoming a Member of The Superpharmacy Rewards Program you authorise us to use your personal and sensitive health information to:

(a).   Provide you with Member Benefits

(b).   market other products and services to you based on your purchasing and website activity;

(c).    assist you with certain other products and services; and

(d).   analyse customer demographics, health, prescription, adherence and purchasing trends so that we can tailor our products and services.


If you enrol as a Member through one of our Affiliate Program Partnerships such as Everyday Rewards, your personal information will NOT be provided to the Affiliate Program Partner. We will not provide your sensitive health information to an Affiliate Program Partner, the only information provided is for reconciliation, this will be the total transaction quantum in dollars and the Member Points accrued and transferred to the Linked Everyday Reward Program.


Any dispute regarding Member Points or Member Benefits will be resolved by The Superpharmacy Rewards Program in their sole discretion.

Where a dispute arises from or in association with Member Benefit transfers to an Affiliate Program Partner, Superpharmacy will work to resolve the dispute with the Member and the Affiliate Program Partner to the reasonable satisfaction of the parties concerned.