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Prescription Medicines for Australia

Stay healthy the easy way with help from Superpharmacy. A smart, forward-thinking online pharmacy service provider, we make taking ongoing prescription medicines easy to access in an affordable  and convenient way. Simply browse our extensive online virtual dispensary, place your order and one of our friendly, knowledgeable pharmacists are available  should you need help to complete the process.

We pack Dose Administration Aids free of charge for patients with multiple medicines or those who have difficulty remembering  precisely when you need to take the medicine, how many and what has been taken. This service is provided free for seniors across Australia, and deliveries can be scheduled monthly to ensure that you always have a ready supply of the medicine you need.

How our process works

It is extremely easy and affordable to buy prescriptions online, the initial process differs  from the rest of our online ordering process.  Regulations require Superpharmacy to release orders only once a staff member has received the full prescription paperwork. In the set up of  an initial online prescription order, the process can take up to 7-10 days. Please send us an image of the prescription ordered to,au, the image will be checked  by our pharmacist against the online order. The prescription paperwork will then need to be sent to the nearest Superpharmacy location where we will dispense the prescription. Details of the location will be provided at the checkout. Once we hold your prescription paperwork we can then process your prescriptions as you order them and dispatch the same day. We can also provide  repeat reminders if you so choose, as well as new prescription reminders.

Delivering the best for our customers

We pride ourselves on being a 21st century business, so browse our range and get your medicine from the comfort of your home. In addition to the vast range of  prescriptions, you’ll also find a range of cosmetics and over-the-counter medications, helping you stay healthy and beautiful inside and out. From vitamin supplements to skincare, we supply all  your needs at competitive prices, backed by expert knowledge and friendly customer service.

Place your order today and find out how convenient staying healthy and beautiful can be with Superpharmacy. Any questions? Get in touch on 1300 4MEDICINE (1300 463 342) and chat to our friendly staff who are happy to assist with any enquiries.