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1. General Compounding Services

At Superpharmacy compounding laboratory, our specialised pharmacists and technicians work tirelessly in our licensed facility to prepare your compounded medicines to Australian standards.

We strive to deliver quality compounded medicines tailored to the individual patient's needs. We have partnered with Medisca and PCCA to provide you with highest quality products that are sourced from TGA and FDA registered manufacturing facilities and conform to the latest editions of USP, BP, EP and other compendial pharmacopeias. Our "Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients" (APIs) undergo rigorous testing, performed by third-party, TGA registered laboratories for quality and to ensure they meet the relevant monograph specifications.

We offer a wide range of compounded medicines as outlined below.

2. Endocrine and Hormone Replacement Compounding Services

Hormonal balance in an aging population has become increasingly complex with individual tailored dosing needs for men and women. Our laboratory can provide tailored HRT therapies for individual patients by using lowest effective doses and novel delivery methods. Compounded HRT preparations can be made as capsules, troches, lozenges, creams, pessaries and vaginal applicators. The convenience of formulating multiple hormones in one preparation can further improve compliance and reduce additional costs.

3. Topical Pain Relief Compounding Services

Pain management can be challenging as tolerance, dependence and the risk of debilitating side effects may compromise conventional pain therapy outcomes. In recent years, emerging clinical research has provided evidence for using alternative dosage forms to combat these issues, such as topical or transdermal pain creams customised to individual patient’s needs. Patients that suffer from chronic aches and pains with no great improvement, may find topical analgesic creams to be an effective alternative for delivering concentrated topical targeted pain relief. Considering also that topical pain relief therapies circumvent first-pass hepatic metabolism, a transdermal mode of delivery can help deliver lower effective dose responses whilst reducing potential side effects such as sedation, nausea and vomiting.

4. Dermatology Compounding Services

Treating skin conditions can be a long and trying process for both prescribers and patients. Superpharmacy can facilitate formulations for creams, gels, paints, lotions and ointments to help control and treat chronic dermatological problems. We utilise a large formulation database to offer clinicians and specialists tailored therapies for individual patients with complex disease states that are intolerant or unresponsive to available treatments. Some of the most common dermatological conditions successfully treated by clinicians using our compounded preparations include, but are not limited to:

  • Acne
  • Dermatoses
  • Plaque-Type Psoriasis
  • Nail Psoriasis
  • Hair loss
  • Callus and Wart Removal
  • Melasma
  • Topical Fungus
  • Anti-Aging serum

5. Paediatric Compounding Services

Superpharmacy provides customised formulations, dosages, and flavourings to help facilitate paediatric therapy. Many oral formulations are not available in suitable liquid preparation for paediatric dosing these can easily be transformed into pleasantly flavoured dosage forms, dispensed in childproof packaging. Many appealing flavours can be utilised to enhance the taste and appearance of a medication without altering the medication’s effectiveness. Our laboratory is capable of compounding medicines in several oral paediatric formulations such as:

  • Oral liquids
  • Lollipops
  • Gummy treats
  • Topical gels
  • Effervescent drinks

6. Palliative Care Compounding Services

Palliative care patients often find  traditional dosage forms are not always effective or practical. Alternative routes of administration can be utilized to help patients receive effective treatment. Our pharmacists are available to work with practitioners to develop a tailored solution to support patient therapeutic need and deliver symptom relief and comfort where appropriate.

7. Dental Compounding Services

Superpharmacy compounds a variety of dental products in several unique dosage forms such as oral adhesive pastes, dental gels, oral rinses, and lollipops to combat many common dental symptoms.  Some of the most regular dental conditions that have been successfully treated byour compounded preparations-Our pharmacist can provide details to you or your dentist

8. Unavailable Medications

Recently a significant number of proprietary medicines have been discontinued or are unavailable for extended periods of time. Superpharmacy compounds many of these as an alternative to unavailable proprietary products. Some of the recent compounded prescriptions include: Bactroban cream, Noroxin Tablets, Fasigyn Tablets and Cafergot Capsules. All the inactive and active ingredients are sourced from TGA-registered manufacturers and these undergo rigorous sampling and chemical analysis testing.

Further Information

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