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Subo Food Bottle - Now at Superpharmacy

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Subo Food Botle

Subo Food Bottles - As seen on SharkTank

The innovative product that allows babies, toddlers and children to feed themselves independently. Use the one bottle from 6 months to pre-teen/adult.

Children as young as 6 months old can easily sip the food from the soft silicone spout. The platform can be adjusted to your preferred volume size. Start with your smaller volumes of 30ml and gradually increase with your child. 

The bottle holds up to 210ml if the platform is positioned at the bottom of the bottle. To fill to the desired volume simply push the platform to the preferred level prior to filling.

The food bottle is a convenient way to carry food from home for consumption later in the day. No more carrying around sachets of pre-made packaged puréed food.

The re-useable food bottle helps families save money and become more environmentally friendly by eliminating the need to buy and dispose of single-use squeezable pouches. Simply add your homemade purees, smoothies, yoghurts and mashed foods to the Subo food bottle and you are ready to use

The viewing window allows you to see how much food has been consumed and how much is left inside. Watch as the platform automatically moves up the bottle as your child consumes. 

Subo is proudly 100% Australian Made, designed and owned - manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

The materials used to manufacture the food bottle are PP, HDPE, TPE, and silicone. They all are BPA and Phthalate free.

Check Subo's FAQ here: https://www.suboproducts.com.au/faq