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How to treat a Chesty Cough with Mucus?

Get rid of the mucus that causes that annoying chesty cough. Bisolvon®Chesty and Bisolvon® Chesty Forte thins and loosens the mucus that causes a chesty cough, making it easier to cough up and clear chest congestion.

How to treat a Dry Cough?

Dry cough can be treated with remedies commonly known as cough relievers or cough suppressants.

Bisolvon® offers a range of different ingredients such as Pholcodine and Dextromethorphan, in different presentations such as Bisolvon Dry

How to treat a blocked nose?

To relieve a blocked nose you can use a Nasal Spray or a common cold remedy which contain actives with decongestant effects.

Nasal sprays, for instance, with tramazoline can help relieve a blocked nose to help you breath freely again. You can chose a variant with or without added menthol which provides an added vapour sensation.

Also, common cold remedies can help to unblock your nose and relieve the pain and fever which can develop as additional symptoms.

SprayTish® Nasal Spray helps to unblock a stuffy nose. Each dose lasts 8 hours, so taken at bedtime you should breathe more freely throughout the night. By choosing SprayTish in the product section you can find out more about the product dose with other related cough products.