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Men’s Health

Men's Health | November 12, 2017 | Author: Naturopath


Men’s Health

Ask a man what concerns him most and not enough SEX is the usual answer! So....Why is this a problem and what can be done?

# 1 Working too many long hours = tired and stressed 

Men are very good at committing to things especially in relation to their jobs, but are usually happy to take time off or come home early if there is a place they have to be - social commitment, children’s activities, medical appointments etc.

Pencil in the diary ‘time with partner’ as a commitment this way you are reminded how important this part your relationship is.


Yes sex can help with this!

Stress  But seriously, stress for men can happen because they are so committed to working long and hard at their job and will often forget to consider their own health.

If you are snapping off  heads around you or turning into a cyclone of destruction - causing damage with everything and everyone you come in contact with, you may need to relief some tension and yes sex can be a great stress reliever. But this is not necessarily the best way to go about it.

Recognise your stress levels are rising and take appropriate action BEFORE it becomes a problem. 

Ways of preventing stress include:

Personal time - balancing work with personal time. Exercise, getting regular massages, time in the garden, playing with your toys (motor bike, jet ski, boat) etc. 

Taking time to do the things you enjoy is a great way to reduce stress levels.

Eating Well - It is important in your busy day to eat a balanced diet and eat regularly. A good breakfast gets you to work; lunch will keep you going and afternoon snacks helps to bring you home to the family happy.

Regular eating helps balance blood sugar levels = fuel for the body. Just like you put good quality fuel in the car - your body will perform better when you run it with good quality food. 

Include protein (meat, fish, eggs, dairy and combinations grains, nuts and seeds) at every meal. Salads, vegetables,  fruit and whole grains will give you carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

  • If you are in a physical job you may benefit from a good quality multi- vitamin and minerals supplement.
  • If eating on the job is a problem try using protein shakes and adding some fruits such as bananas, mangoes or berries.
  • To help prevent  dehydration and reduce cramping use an electrolyte formula along with plenty of water.

What do women worry about for men?

Women like to make love as much as men - really!

But saying to your partner “Come on - let’s do it” doesn’t really cut it especially when all she can see is vacuuming, washing up or washing that needs to be done. Women will often be fatiged from their busy day too, so if she turns you down its usually not personal. 

If you really want ‘special time’ with your partner you may want to help around the house or with the children, she will definately see you as a superman and you will get brownie points.

Probably the most concern for partners is communication!

Most people in a relationship want to feel they are more important to you than anything else in your life. Just taking time to talk to your partner can make such a difference to your relationship. Spontaneous phone call just to say Hi, or really listening to her will make a difference. 

In a relationship you can spend so much time with your partner, but as soon as they are not with you, miss them. You fill your day up with activities whether it is work or home duties but the most important time is when you are with you are together. Remember not to put other things in front of the most important person in your life - especially if you want to enjoy an intimate relationship with them.


You are tired, you have had a lot on in your mind BUT when you walk through the front door you need to leave all the negatives of your day behind and cuddle your partner because this relationship is the most important component in your life. Listening and holding hands and foot rubs are nice ways to show intimacy and that you care - you may even get a neck rub back.

Taking care of your self

Women really want to know their man values his body - it is important that men keep an eye on their health. Weight gain and a lack of exercise can lead to serious health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.

Set a plan for regular check- ups with your doctor to keep an eye on your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugars and chat to your naturopath or nutritionist for weight loss and dietary advice.

A personal trainer can offer excercise and fitness advice so you are always running at your best.

You take care of your car or your computer - make sure you take care of yourself

Bowel checks are non - invasive (although a little fiddly) recommended for the over 50’s but you don’t have to be over 50 to do this check. You can purchase a kit and do this easy stool test from home if you are at all concerned about your bowel and bowel cancer. Chat to the pharmacist for more information.

If you’re aged 50-74 you will be sent a free bowel cancer screening kit from The Australian Government National Bowel Cancer Screening Program
Click Here for more information

Prostate exam - your partner can make the appointment but she cannot have this check for you.
Information obtained from the The Australian Government department of Health - Prostate cancer screening -

  • It is very common for men over 50 years of age to experience symptoms related to changes in urinary flow, urgency or control. In most cases these symptoms are caused by non-cancerous, enlargement of the prostate. They should be checked by a doctor.
  • Commonly used tests for investigating men presenting with symptoms include the PSA blood test, digital rectal examination (DRE) and ultrasound.
  • PSA levels can rise due to cancer or to benign (non-cancerous) conditions, while levels may also be low in the presence of prostate cancer. A prostate biopsy is the only method by which prostate cancer can be definitively diagnosed.
  • The PSA test is used in the ongoing management of men who have been treated for prostate cancer.
  • DRE involves a doctor manually checking for abnormalities through the rectum. Its effectiveness is limited, as sections of the prostate are out of reach and small tumours may be undetectable.

Click Here for more information

The bottom line - if you have any symptoms you should visit your doctor

Don’t Forget the Dentist

Don’t Forget the DentistRegular Dental check-ups keep the pearly whites gleaming and address any dental caries - not pleasant kissing bad breath and rotting teeth. Gingivitis can also affect the heart.

Skin checks for solar keratosis (sun spots) and melanoma. Well yes we live in Australia and this is a big one. Ask your doctor to refer you to a good skin cancer clinic if they don’t offer this service themselves.

Optometrist - It’s not nerdy and it doesn’t mean you are getting old- intelligent people wear glasses.

Check list - Write it down

The Doctor - discuss with your doctor 

  • Cardiovascular health - blood pressure, cholesterol/triglycerides etc
  • Glucose for diabetes and elevated sugar in blood
  • Prostate or urinary concerns
  • Bowel scan or do this one yourself
  • Skin for precancerous lesions

Some doctor wont do checks for the above so it is a good idea to take a list so YOU can be aware of where you stand in relation to YOUR health.


DepressionA lack of vitality, disinterested in usual activities, feeling over-whelmed, sad, guilty and unwell can be signs of depression.Talk to your Dr or Naturopath for advice. Beyond blue is a resourceful website for information. Click Here

 Apart from feeling over burdened by too many responsibilities, hormonal changes for men can be a contributing factor to emotions and energy levels.

The Naturopath

The Naturopath can help you with weight concerns, advise about diet, digestion, anxiety, stress, headaches, sleep…. the list goes on.

The low down

The low downWork with the diary! Balancing work, personal time, family time AND importantly, time with your partner will help with the intimacy you want.

Don’t forget this relationship is probably the most important commitment you have and the most rewarding for you.

Taking care of yourself not only helps you be aware of possible issues, but also keeps the little lady happy.

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