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Made for baby

Infant and Children | April 27, 2020 | Author: Naturopath

Children, infants

Made for baby

What parent would turn down help with caring for baby. Here are some suggestions, created by parents and people with infant’s health, safety and their environmental future in mind.


Desperate, sleep-deprived parents can come up with some interesting ideas. A dad recording “shushing” noises and playing to baby - successfully putting baby to sleep, lead to the development of the Baby Shusher. Designed by parents, Chad & Katie Zunker, this effective device is based on an ancient art of rhythmic shushing sounds.

Baby shusher emits loud, rhythmic shushing noises, much like those heard from the womb, which can quickly an soothe irritable baby. Baby shusher is battery operated, has a timer, volume and wrist strap. It is easy to clean and suitable from newborns and older. Try along side of swaddling to help baby feel safe, relaxed and encourage sleep.

Amazing Magnesium

Magnesium has a relaxing effect on the body which helps to facilitate sleep. It does this because it is a is a natural NMDA antagonist - meaning it blocks the excitatory activity of the brain and encourages the GABA agonist - meaning it has a calming effect on the brain.

Magnesium also plays and important role in optimising bone mineral development in children. 

Amazing oils magnesium sleepy toes towelettes are an easy way for baby to absorb magnesium. Amazing oils magnesium is organically sourced magnesium chloride which can be applied externally to the lower legs and feet of baby before bed. Who wouldn't enjoy a little foot massage. 

What to Eat

Parents want to make the best choices for their baby and what to feed a hungry infant is high on the list. Babies can be fussy with foods, just like the rest of us. By choosing organic based foods you can help reduce exposure to synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Little bellies offer simple, age-appropriate and wholesome (and interesting) foods for babies, toddlers and kids. Founded by two brothers (with 7 children between them) the concept took place after one of the children was diagnosed with severe food sensitivities. This lead to a search for suitable foods and snacks and after being disappointed by the limited availability on offer, the little bellies company was created. The range of toddler and baby foods are organic, free of salt and sugar and designed to enable babies to experience textures, tastes and self-feeding. Who doesn't need a little snack.

Holle foods offers a variety of healthy, organic baby products to choose from. Holle was developed with the focus on the environment, mankind and sustainability. They produce organic baby food without chemical processing using only raw, organically grown ingredients without added preservatives, flavouring, colourings, salt or granulated sugar. The bases of their range are products which are wholesome, natural and balanced.

Bellamy’s organics want to give your baby a pure start in life. Founded in 2004 by a Tasmanian mother, Dooley Crighton-Bellamy who wanted to provide a nutritious organic choice for her children. The range offers nutritionally balanced and high-quality organ baby food and formula, designed by a team of experts.
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The clean-up

The clean-upBabies can be messy! Being able to lay your hands on something appropriate for those messy moments can make life with bub a bit easier.

Wotnot wipes are extra-large and made from 100% natural organic ingredients. They are gentle, have no hidden toxins or fragrance and are biodegradable.

What to Avoid

Phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) plasticizers are used in many products of daily life, but they can have serious health implications and should be avoided where possible. One reason is because they are considered endocrine disrupters meaning they are chemicals which disrupt the normal hormone activity of the body. This is a big concern for developing children (and teenagers, pregnant mums and …anyone really).  Other studies have suggested the increased exposure to some chemicals used in manufacturing could be responsible for increased risk of eczema and allergies in children.

Choosing products free of BPA, phthalates and PVC for baby and children’s use can help reduce the risks of exposure to harmful plastics.
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Haakaa is a family-owned brand based in New Zealand with the goal of creating safe products for both children and the environment. The product range includes baby bottles, silicone breast pumps, bottles, nipple guards and other baby accessories, made using raw material which is environmentally friendly such as silicone, stainless steel, glass, bamboo and natural rubber. aims to design products that make parents lives easier and empower kids to be more independent. Products are unique in design, functionality and look good and were designed with input from parents and children. Most important products are free from BPA, phthalates and PVC, ingredients which are potentially harmful for babies and children.

Healthy Teeth

Brushing babies’ teeth is recommended when the first tooth erupts around 6 months of age, however ingesting too much fluoride while teeth are developing can result in changes such as pitting and discolouration in enamel structure (dental fluorosis). Fluoride containing toothpastes are recommended from 18 months of age (in small amounts) and teeth should be cleaned twice daily.

Baby banana was invented by Sandra Phillips (grandma) and Dental hygienist Heather Phillips (aunt), from concerns about potential life-threatening accidents from long, hard plastic toothbrushes. The baby banana toothbrush is a small, flexible toothbrush, much safer to use whilst teaching good hygiene practices. 

Jack N Jill toothpaste is a natural toothpaste designed for babies, toddlers and children which is safe to swallow. It an Australian made product designed by parents with a background in pharmacy concerned about environmental issues and the effect on children. Jack N Jill toothpaste is all natural, organic and hypoallergenic to reduce risk of allergic reactions. It is BPA free where possible, environmentally friendly and does not contain any colours, sugar, artificial preservatives or fluoride.

The manicure

Babies nails can grow fast and be sharp, easily inflicting damage to themselves and anyone else in close contact.

The manicureWrestling with a wiggling baby or toddler a couple of times a week to trim nails can be a daunting experience.

This led new mum, Julia Christie, to the create a better alternative.

Nail Snail’s was born with a mission - “to give parents the confidence to cut their little one’s nails. To make trimming tiny nails a breeze”.

Nail Snail is a 3-in-one (trim, file and clean) trimmer suitable for babies from birth till 5 years of age. It offers an easier, safer and faster way of taking care of little one’s nails.

Skin care

Gaia natural baby was created by new mum Michelle Vogrinec after her 8-week-old baby developed eczema. After much research and education, the Gaia natural baby skin care was created, providing products for cleansing and moisturizing sensitive skin without irritation. The mission of Gaia is to provide naturally derived skincare, organic where possible, at an affordable price.  Australia’s best online discount chemist


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