Electronic Devices—Should We Be Concerned?

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Electronic Devices—Should We Be Concerned?

In just a few decades electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers and tablets have taken over our lives. There are definite advantages to these kinds of technologies in terms of business, education and improved communication—but are these devices completely safe?

We haven’t been using electronic devices long enough to fully study long-term impacts and conclude they definitively cause specific diseases. However, what emerging research does show is that radiation from mobile phones is linked to an increased risk of brain cancer, thyroid issues and infertility. Other devices certainly come with some side-effects which will be discussed in this article.

While this doesn’t mean you have to ditch your high-tech gadgets—there are things you can implement to minimise your risk.

How mobile phones impact your health

Brain cancer

How mobile phones impact your healthThe World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from mobile phones as possibly carcinogenic to humans. The closer you are to these electromagnetic fields—the higher the risk.

While studies linking mobile phone use to cancer has delivered mixed results—there are certainly large-scale studies which have identified an increase in risk.

They found that:

  • very high signal cell phone radiation did result in a slightly increased risk of malignant gliomas in the brain
  • risk of schwannomas and rare tumours that develop on the nerve sheath of the heart increased with mobile phone use
  • case studies show young women who stored their cell phones in their bra for years developed unusual tumours right below the location of the antennas where they kept their phone
  • as the dose of radiation increased, so did the increase in cancer risk
  • cell phone use during teenage years results in a four-to-five times higher risk of a brain cancer diagnosis

Thyroid problems

An article published in the Oman Medical Journal found students who moderately and heavily used cell phones in talk mode experienced a significant alteration to thyroid hormones. They reported higher than normal TSH levels and decreased T4 levels which can contribute to underactivity of this important organ.


FertilityIf you’re a male and you carry your mobile phone in your pocket or clipped on your belt—think again!

Sperm of men exposed to cell phone radiation die three times faster than those unexposed to the radiation.

The sperm also experience three times the level of mitochondrial DNA damage—which is bad news for male reproductive health!
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Computers pose a much lower risk when compared to mobile phones but there are still potential dangers. Wireless routers as well as Bluetooth and similar wireless systems give off electromagnetic radiation in the low-gigahertz frequency. This level is considered potentially dangerous to people and the danger is compounded by several factors:

  • just like the wireless signals themselves, the electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) can pass through walls
  • most routers are not turned off at night, so you are exposed 24/7
  • you are not only exposed to EMFs from your own router but possibly your neighbour’s and the business down the street. All of them emit EMFs.

Increasingly, scientists and researchers are uncovering the health risks of EMFs. Depending on the level and the length of exposure, those risks can range from insomnia and headaches to tumours. 

In addition to the dangers from EMFs computer usage increases your risk of:

  • eye strain and headaches
  • insomnia and sleep disturbances
  • back and muscle pain
  • overuse injuries such as carpal tunnel
  • difficulty concentrating, depression and anxiety

The effect on children

Scientists in Korea have additionally found something called “digital dementia” in children. They reported that children who are heavy technology users have brains that are underdeveloped on the right side. This has been characterized by memory loss, attention disorders, lack of eye contact, lack of empathy, and difficulty feeling or showing emotions. As a result, the Korean government is instituting programs to reduce uses and exposures especially to young children.

The effect on childrenEven in the womb damage can occur to a developing foetus.

Experimental research shows that animals exposed prenatally to cell phone radiation develop more damage to critical parts of the brain involved in thinking and impulse control–the hippocampus and cerebellum. Dr. Hugh Taylor, the Chief of obstetrics and gynaecology at Yale University has shown that pregnant mice exposed to this radiation have offspring with increased hyperactivity, decreased memory and altered brain development.

How to protect yourself

These are some tips you can follow to protect yourself from the dangers of mobile phones:

  • Text instead of talking whenever possible and use speaker mode or a hands-free kit when you do make calls.
  • When talking on your cell phone, hold it an inch or more away from your head.
  • Make only short or essential calls on cell phones.
  • Avoid carrying your phone against the body, like in a pocket sock or bra.
  • Don’t talk on the phone or text while driving.
  • If you plan to watch a movie on your device, download it first, then switch to airplane mode while you watch.
  • If you can, avoid making calls when you have a weaker signal. Radiation is higher when your bars are lower.
  • Avoid making calls in cars, elevators, trains and buses. Cell phones work harder to push a signal through metal, so radiation increases.
  • Keep cell phones away from children.
  • Turn your mobile phone off at night or at least turn off wi-fi and Bluetooth modes and place a safe distance away from you at night.

Here are some simple, common-sense things you can do to prevent any adverse effects from other electronic devices:

  • turn off your wi-fi when it’s not being used.
  • limit screen use in children.
  • have regular breaks from computer work throughout the day.

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